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Specialty Wells


Richland, Iowa
Anode Wells

In the late 90's and early 2000's several pipeline projects crisscrossed the state of Iowa for distribution of natural gas.  Corrosion protection is vital to this industry. Gingerich Well & Pump Service was called on several times to install DEEP ANODE wells to fill this need. Due to our resources and expertise in the drilling industry, all of these projects were completed on time and to specification. Our crews and foreman used their ability to adapt known techniques to new challenges in order to achieve the required results.  We also developed several specialty pieces of equipment for installation of coke breeze into the deep well. 


After several successful installations, Gingerich Well sent a representative to the University of Oklahoma for a cathodic protection conference and class. After passing the "certification" offered at Oklahoma State, We now offer complete, deep, anode well installation, and a basic understanding of cathodic protection operation.  

Ainsworth, Iowa

Ainsworth, Iowa has been home to the Four Corners Restaurant and Truck Stop for many years. Gingerich Well & Pump replaced the original system in the 80's. Continued growth and demand on the system eventually overcame the original design of the water system. Gingerich Well proposed a design that would not only meet present demand, but also allow for growth of the facility in the future.  CONTINUE

Access Holes

Over the years Gingerich Well & Pump has had the opportunity to work with several different mining institutions, accessing their underground resources.  From sampling of formations at sand and gravel pits, to access holes into underground mines for various reasons, our expertise and broad range of equipment allows us the diversity to enter into this work arena.  We currently have a MSHA part 48B training program in place. On several occasions we have been required to access a specific area of an underground mine shaft.  Gingerich Well's skill in drilling "straight" holes has allowed us to place the receiving end with a great degree of accuracy.

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