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Drilling Services Provider

Job Description

As a Drilling Services Provider, it is your job to assist the Driller(s). This is an entry-level position designed to train an individual in the various aspects of constructing a water well. It is your job to help the Driller more easily perform drilling tasks; work as part of a two or more person team to perform field tasks including: site layout, sampling, obtaining water levels, and installing wells under the direction of the department head or project manager. This position will require the safe operation of a Class A CDL vehicle.

Gingerich Well & Pump Service is willing to train candidates for advancement. While this is a comprehensive list of tasks, duties, and responsibilities, an individual may be called upon to perform additional tasks, duties, and responsibilities.

  • Daily task documentation as required

  • Assist with operation of drilling rig and support equipment

  • Assist with loading and unloading of equipment

  • Assist on the working floor - normal drilling procedures

  • Mix mud for pit

  • Follow all safety regulations

  • Keep equipment and location clean and orderly

  • Understand, select, and work with hand tools

  • Perform assignment equipment maintenance

  • Perform material inventory as assigned

  • Drive support vehicles to and from job site

  • Manually clean mud pan as required

  • Operate power washer to clean company equipment


Job Requirements
  • Reliable with good attendance history

  • Ability to lift 100 lbs

  • Mechanical aptitude

  • Ability to work continuously outdoors in all weather conditions

  • Pass a drug screen, background check, DOT physical, and back x-ray

  • Possess a valid driver's license, with intent to obtain a Class A Commercial Driver's License within a required amount of time

  • Clean driving record

  • Ability to crawl, squat, and carry materials for extensive periods of time

  • Ability to work 12-14 hour days or more

  • Ability to personally handle heavy wrenches, lift and/or carry heavy tools or supplies

  • Ability to communicate with clients and work with others

  • Read, write and understand the english language

  • Ability to learn and move up

  • Ability to write legibly

  • Ability to work in a drug, alcohol, and smoke free environment

  • Ability to follow complex instructions

  • Ability to work on a team

  • Basic math skills

  • Must have dependable transportation

  • Must have good customer relations skills

  • Ability to skillfully operate vehicles that use manual transmissions

Safety Responsibilities
  • Abide by safety and personal protective equipment policies

  • Demonstrate safe work practices and avoid unsafe behaviors
  • Drive defensively, avoid preventable accidents, and always wear a seat belt

  • Attend regularly scheduled safety training

  • Report all unsafe conditions to your supervisor

  • Ability to wear hard hat, hearing and eye protection through your shift

  • 40-60 hours per week or more

  • Willingness to work weekends (if required)

  • Overnight travel may be required

Education Requirements
  • Requires a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent

  • Entry level position

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