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Heavy Equipment Mechanic

Job Description

Gingerich Well & Pump Service has an unsurpassed reputation in the industry as being able to complete difficult drilling projects on a timely basis. Time and again Gingerich has completed projects that other contractors have tried and failed to complete. In order to maintain this level of industry performance, Gingerich repairs and rehabilitates a large portion of it’s equipment base. By either purchasing new or used equipment and updating or modifying it to meet a specific scenario or purpose, Gingerich is able to construct task specific equipment that can out-perform many options available to the average contractor. To help facilitate this custom processes, Gingerich boasts a modern, full service shop. Our heated/air-conditioned facility has two bays with 65’ high ceilings that allows us to get all of our equipment in side any time of year to do whatever modification needs to be done to accomplish a particular project and for nearly any required repair. 


Even though many of our projects include routine preventative maintenance, inspections, and minor repairs, we also do specialty projects that include hydraulics and simple electronics. While we do minor engine work, our primary focus is on our heavy equipment. Major engine repairs are typically out sourced.


As a Heavy Equipment Mechanic, it is your job to ensure the upkeep and maintenance of heavy equipment. You will work as part of a two or more person team to perform maintenance tasks including: performing scheduled maintenance, identify and diagnose malfunctions, inspect, repair or replace defective or worn parts, and disassemble and reassemble heavy equipment and components. This position will require the safe operation of a Class A CDL vehicle. 

Gingerich Well & Pump Service is willing to train candidates for advancement. While this is a comprehensive list of tasks, duties, and responsibilities, an individual may be called upon to perform additional tasks, duties, and responsibilities.

  • Read and understand operating manuals, blueprints and technical drawings

  • Understand, select and work with the required maintenance tools

  • Diagnose problems and determine necessary repairs through the inspection and operation of heavy machinery

  • Adjust and maintain machinery, using control and regulating devices

  • Dismantle and reassemble heavy equipment

  • Repair and replace damaged or worn parts

  • Perform routine maintenance checks and adjustments

  • Overhaul and test equipment to ensure operating efficiency

  • Keep equipment, tools and workspace clean and orderly

  • Road tests vehicles

  • Travel to worksites to repair large equipment as needed

  • Performs other related work as assigned

Job Requirements
  • Reliable with good attendance history

  • Ability to lift 100 lbs

  • Mechanical aptitude

  • Ability to work continuously outdoors in all weather conditions

  • Pass a drug screen, background check, DOT physical, and back x-ray

  • Possess a valid driver's license, with intent to obtain a Class A Commercial Driver's License within a required amount of time

  • Clean driving record

  • Ability to crawl, squat, and carry materials for extensive periods of time

  • Ability to work 12-14 hour days or more

  • Ability to personally handle heavy wrenches, lift and/or carry heavy tools or supplies

  • Ability to communicate with and work with others

  • Read, write and understand the English language

  • Ability to learn and move up

  • Ability to write legibly

  • Ability to work in a drug, alcohol, and smoke free environment

  • Ability to follow instructions

  • Ability to work on a team

  • Basic math skills

  • Must have dependable transportation

  • Must have good customer relations skills

  • Ability to walk and stand on concrete and uneven surfaces for extended periods of time (including up to all day)

Safety Responsibilities
  • Abide by safety and personal protective equipment policies

  • Demonstrate safe work practices and avoid unsafe behaviors
  • Drive defensively, avoid preventable accidents, and always wear a seat belt

  • Attend regularly scheduled safety training

  • Report all unsafe conditions to your supervisor

  • Ability to wear hard hat, hearing and eye protection through your shift

  • 40-60 hours per week or more

  • Willingness to work weekends (if required)

  • Overnight travel may be required

Education Requirements
  • Requires a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent

  • Hydraulic, electronic, and other specific trade school courses are beneficial

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