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Gingerich well and pump service is constantly striving to maintain a safe and respectable workplace. Throughout our job sites you will find that we place a high priority on this important facet of doing business in today's environment. This commitment is evident through our high staff retention rate and continually growing list of veteran employees.

Throughout employment at Gingerich Well, personnel are continually reminded about the  need for maintaining a safe working enviornment. This is done through initial training, tool box talks, and annual saftey training. Topics include but are not limited to, job site saftey, hoisting, first aid and CPR, electrical saftey, OSHA specifics, MSHA, and other task specific subjects.  Alongside specific saftey training, Gingerich Well & Pump Service believes and supports its employees in obtaining applicable certifications and maintaining those certificates through continuing education.


Gingerich Well & Pump Service has had numerous opportunities to perform services for the mining industry. We have constructed access holes for several differing projects. Backfill, water, electric lines, and even ANFO have been transported through projects we have constructed. Our personnel, experience, tooling, and equipment allow us to assist you with many types of projects on a mine site. In addition, our safety policies, practices, and history will ensure that every project is completed in a manner consistent with the stringent controls that mining clients require of their vendors. Gingerich Well’s employees are annually trained on our internal policies and procedures as well as OSHA policies and procedures. In addition, several of our crews are in the MSHA Part 48B program.

Upon application for employment at Gingerich Well & Pump Service,  maintaining a safe working environment is apparent. Prior to interview, applicants are met with a minimum of a criminal background check and driving record check.  Following the extension of an employment offer, all field personnel will be given a DOT physical, must pass an initial pre-employment drug and alcohol test, as well as be entered in a DOT qualified, random drug and alcohol screening pool.

In addition to policies and training, at Gingerich Well we strive to maintain modern and safe equipment. Employees are expected to stop work in a situation they believe to be unsafe. In addition, our employees are always welcome to bring suggestions on improving our procedures, policies, and equipment that they believe will aid in enhancing our saftey programs.

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