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Just as water is necessary to humans for life, water is also required for crop life. In today's society, many of us are attempting to control the variables that we no longer see as acceptable. Irrigating crop land is many times providng to be more cost effective than relying on crop insurance.

For many years, alluvial wells in river basins have been a cost effective way to ensure crop production. The shallow, prolific formations allowed for the installation of relatively inexpensive wells constructed in these sand and gravel formations. While the economics of row crop restricted the depth of acceptable water supplies, many specialty crops and golf courses have irrigated in other areas for many years as well. In order to achieve high production capacities in these "other" areas, these wells reach deeper aquifiers that may lie as much as 2,000 feet below the surface.


In recent years, as the economics of the farming industry have changed, there is an increase in the demand for irrigation in these non-traditional areas. While many times irrigation may not be feasible, the interest has definitely increased. Gingerich Well & Pump Service has knowledge of geology that will enable us to project what yields will be available on your property. Our experience and equipment will allow us to access the formation and construct a well that will meet your irrigation needs. We have experience constructing wells in excess of 3,500 feet.

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